How it Works - Get It Done Right

Homes and commercial sites are best secured using a multi-layered approach.  Anima’s thorough consultation & design process is supported by top tech talent within Anima’s network exhibiting decades of experience in security, specifically. Anima Integration’s team is fully licensed, insured, and bonded.  All employees are required to have security workers’ licenses.

Security That Travels with You:

Mobile Surveillance, Worldwide Alerts


Professional Monitoring:  Set It and Forget It


Multi-Layered Approaches Combine:

  • Window & Door Contacts
  • Video Surveillance
  • Motion Censors

Control Who Enters Your Home from Anywhere, Anytime:

  • Access Control
  • Intercom
  • Remote Front Door & Gate Viewing
State-Of-The-Art Security Systems

Cameras for ALL Conditions:

  • Pierce Through Night AND Fog
  • See in Colour, Even at Night
  • High Resolution Capture

Helps Identify Trespassers to Authorities

Scare Would-Be Intruders.

Show Them You’re Protected.

Corporate Security Specific:


Magnetic Door Locks

  • Ultra-Sturdy & Secure
  • Remotely Arm & Disarm
  • Ideal Corporate Solution
Worldwide Alerts
When she chooses to stay updated anywhere.
Professional Monitoring
When they want it taken care of.
Camera Systems for Day & Night
To catch the bad guys in the dark.
Access Control | Intercom | Remote Front Door & Gate Viewing
To selectively allow & record entrants.... To inspect arrivals whether in home and away easily.
Magnetic Door Locks
Ultra Sturdy | Remote Operation | Corporate Solution
Integrated Systems
To cover the full property with reliable expertise.

Security that Travels Everywhere

Clients are free to access footage and alerts remotely from authorized smart devices anywhere in the world.  Open the app. it’s that convenient, that easy to have peace of mind (from both intruders and unsanctioned rowdy parties thrown by the kids when adults are of town).

Multi-Layered Approach

Anima recommends a combination of window and door contacts, motion sensors, and video for standard home security with additional layers for larger builds & commercial projects (such as magnetic door locks and access control).  It’s helpful to wire window and door contacts for future security beforehand.

Importance of Quality Devices

There’s a wide range of products on the market for protecting homes, family, and businesses; some better than others.  Wired of wireless contacts?  Brand A or B?  Only high-resolution cameras are often of sufficient quality to accurately capture faces or even merit police review.  Some cameras can see (or see colour) in the dark or cut through fog, but not most.  Anima’s got customers covered.