Lighting & Shade Control

Maximum Control Over All Light in the Home

Automate lights & shades including lights with full-visible-spectrum-changing hues for movement, time of day, and natural light detection, or blue-light restriction by time period for circadian rhythm adjustment.

Or have us make cozy, romantic, festive, somber (just name it) lighting scenes with or without music for any-time, any-mood too.  We do our best to empower you to make changes yourself, but we’re happy to service changes for you as well.

Lighting & shade control is very well used both integrated and automated, pairing well with  distributed audio among other things.

Optional Features

Lighting Control
  • Light & shade adjustment
  • Dimness control
  • Hue control
  • Exciting hue animations
  • Variety of animations / automations
  • Sync with music
  • Control with personal devices
  • Control with custom keypads
  • Voice control
  • Control via automation in response to triggers (e.g. walking in a room, position of sun, time of day, turning on TV or movie, etc)
  • Alternate between different realistic lighting patterns while away to scare intruders with fake home presence
  • Integrate with alarm system
  • Circadian lighting (for sleep:wake cycle)
  • Change settings anytime