Integration & Automation

What are they? How are they different?


Use your favourite control devices to control multiple smart home functions within the same platform.  Many functions, many devices, connected.


  • Simple & Easy Control, Your Way
  • Everything You Need, All In One Place
All Functions on Your Favourite Devices
Amazon Echo Dot (Voice Control)


Set up so your smart home features automatically do things for you without speaking a word or lifting a finger, based on triggers (e.g. time of day, weather, motion sensor).


  • Automatic, Extreme Convenience
  • Saving Time, More Leisure, Energy Savings
Programmed Nest Thermostat: I automatically learn your temperature preferences throughout the day, pay attention to when you are out or on your way home, and adjust accordingly.

Taken care of!

Imagine the Possibilities

Energy Smart + Convenient: Your home tracks your location to re-heat on your back.
Say, "Back Yard Party Time," to activate your music & lighting scene outdoors.
Just Say, "Movie Time- Thor: Ragnarok" to tint the windows, dim the lights, & start the film.
Automatically adjust shades based on in-room light detection, weather, & time of day.

Suggested Automations: Done For You

  • Circadian Lighting:  Helps Maintain Healthy Sleep Cycle
  • Light & Shades Adjust Automatically Based on Time of Day, Solar Position, Light Sensors, Room Occupancy
  • Have music, a call, or a podcast follow you through your home
  • Be welcomed home with music or a greeting of your choice
  • Added deterrence to home invaders:  Flash your lights on and off, flash them red, or communicate with the invader remotely via home speakers
  • Automatically feed koi the proper amount based on seasonal temperature changes

… and much more.

We specialize in custom work.

Integration Suggestions: Control Everywhere You Want It

  • Link everything to voice control and smart devices: (centralizes media & utility control, but puts it everywhere you want it)
  • Scene Control:  Activate combinations of lighting/ shade control/ music playlists with the push of a keypad button or swipe on a phone
  • View, arm, and disarm security footage, systems, and alerts from your phone anywhere in the world
  • Decide who enters your home or change access codes from your phone
  • Pre-warm your shower ahead of time from phone or voice command

… and much more.

We specialize in custom work.