Home Theatres

The Ultimate Home Leisure Experience

Let the Magic Begin!

Quality theatre systems with an array of diverse, novel, and creative options are an exclusive pass to premium home entertainment you’ll love  whether  you’re enjoying on your own, or sharing with your family and friends.  The right set up has the potential to wow you, your family, and your friends.

Getting It Right

You wouldn’t want just anyone putting together your home theatre- well, not if you want the best experience possible for what you spend.  If you’re prepared to pay for a high-end-sound-system, for example, you want experts in the acoustics, installation, and equipment selection for example.

Seemingly-similar products can be far more different than you’d think.

Quality Specs and Pleasant Surprises

  • Surround Sound:  Up to 11.2 Channels- Balanced and Tested With Top Tier Expertise 
  • Resolution: Up to 8K coming soon
  • Even Outdoor Theatre Installations Available
  • Cutting-Edge, Revolutionary Screen & Projection Options

Transform a Normal Space Into a Theatre Effortlessly in Seconds


Set the Scene in a *SNAP*

At the push of a button or a simple voice command, lower the shades, dim the lights, activate the movie screen.  That’s custom automation.


Screens for Enhanced Entertainment Value or Glamourous Interior Design

  • Seamless Design: Vanishing Entertainment TV Mirrors
  • Outdoor Screens That Perform Well in Rain and Direct Sunlight
  • “Wallpaper” TVs: Almost Paper-Thin Screens
  • Ultra-Slim & Hidden Projectors
  • Food-and-Liquid-Proof Television Screens for the Kitchen

Séura Vanishing Entertainment TV Mirrors:  For Convenient, Glamourous Design