Control Devices

Total Control Through Your Favourite Devices

Anima Integration brings technologies together onto preferred control devices and integrates multiple functions within the same, sleek, interface.

Control lights, full-home audio, shades, temperature, and even the shower.  For possibilities see the Integration and Automation page.

Device Options

  • Universal Remote Controls (control up to 15 integrated home devices e.g. lights, sound systems, TVs, etc)
  • Custom-Built Smart Mirrors
  • Smart Phones
  • Smart Watches
  • Android Tablets & iPads
  • Device-and-System-Specific Keypads (may vary by product choice)
  • Computers
  • Custom-Choice Wall Keypads
  • Removable Wall-Mounted Tablets & iPads
  • Aesthetically pleasing, sleek, user-interfaces bringing many applications into just one
  • Voice Control Options (e.g. Alexa, Google Home– integrated professionally to work with the full home system)
  • Infinitely more available via customization (i.e. even if not on this list, there’s a good chance Anima can do it.)
  • Finally, there’s no-device-or-voice-control-needed control (i.e. automatic)- i.e., automation


Experience The Convenience of a Smart Tablet In Your Home Mirror